Time to end exploitation of people and planet

The textile industry employs millions of people worldwide. We also work with a broader group of civil society organisations to campaign for fairness and sustainability to go hand in hand.

We are part of a broad coalition of social and environmental NGOs who came together in 2020 to publish the Civil Society European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles, Garments, Leather and Footwear.

Our message is simple: the proposal for an EU Textile Strategy (expected in 2021) must be truly comprehensive and take a coherent approach to tackling the social, environmental and governance implications of the textile sector.

We call on the EU to promote and support the development of a strong circular Textiles, Garments, Leather and Footwear industry that respects human rights, creates decent jobs and adheres to high environmental and responsible governance standards throughout its value chain, in the EU and beyond.

Our strategy includes forward-looking proposals on due diligence, product policy, waste, unfair trading practices, international trade, support to producing countries, alternative business models and a multi-stakeholder platform.

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